Programs Designed for Women Business Owners, Entrepreneurs,  Micropreneurs, Executives, and Professionals

Patricia Muir

Hello! I am Patricia. Since my very first job, I have focused on making the workplace a great place for everyone, especially for women. I create programs that complement your ability to thrive in your work, life, and as the best version of Self.


My Life's Work

Empowered Excellence Building Business Systems 

Our business excellence programs are for visionary women entrepreneurs and micropreneurs who want to lead differently.

We will help you to build a successful businesses and set new standards for business excellence. Our programs differ from "side-hustle-hacks" and empowers women business owners to adapt a fulfilling mindset of a building a business foundation for profitability and stop "chasing the money" that leads to burnout.

Leverage your resolve and leadership style to design efficient systems, showing that success goes beyond financial gains; it encompasses personal growth and self-actualization.

Learn to use your unique abilities to create robust business systems that lead to a prosperous business and personal fulfillment.

Benefit from introductions to accelerator programs, preparation for supplier-diversity certification, and access to a robust community of women business owners.


Life, Work, Business After Cancer

The THRIVE PLAN program empowers women executives and business owners to navigate their unique challenges upon returning to work during and after cancer treatment. The THRIVE PLAN differs from the typical return-to-work program for the general population.

Our personalized self-paced and group coaching programs are designed to provide comprehensive support tailored to your unique journey.

Our Return-to-Work Transitions Plans adhere to Accessibility Standards and Best Practices, ensuring a smooth, empowering, and successful return to the workplace.

Let us help you thrive post-cancer and create a fulfilling professional life.

We can help your organization develop best practices for overcoming obstacles and protect the investment in the potential of its women executives.


Executive Encore Finding Fulfillment in Your Encore Phase

Executive Encore programs are designed to support and guide women navigating the complexities of life transitions in their encore years. Through personalized coaching, practical resources, and a supportive video podcast community, we inspire and help women redefine or reconnect with their life's purpose, overcome barriers to transition, and build a fulfilling Executive Encore lifestyle that defies traditional retirement.

Executive Encore programs recognize the unique challenges of major life changes at the crossroads of 60 and beyond. The programs honour the encore phase that brings wisdom and personal and professional fulfillment shifts.

We aim to empower women to transform challenges into opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

Every woman deserves a life of purpose, joy, and fulfillment, and we are here to validate women's choices and amplify their voices.


When someone questions, discounts, or trivializes our choice and ability to work after 60, we amplify our voice and ………..

Women Finding Fulfillment After 60!

Watch the Executive Encore playlist on YouTube. Listen on your favourite podcast platform: Apple, Spotify, Google. Share your rating, comments, and review.

Share your story about finding fulfillment in travel, sporting activities, hobbies, business projects, training and professional development. Guests and audience include forward-thinking women aged 45+ and men who are allies and thought-leaders.


Your vision of your retirement is not "traditional". You are ready to create a lifestyle that you have always wanted.

NOW! ..........




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