Based on Emotional Intelligence

Our journey toward self-actualization hinges on cultivating self-trust. With a conscious focus on developing emotional intelligence, we gain the power to understand and regulate our emotions, thereby enhancing our competence to make well-informed decisions with grace, equanimity, and resilience.

Choose Your Path

Start with our online self-paced course! Take the EQ-i 2.0 Workplace or Leadership Assessment with 1-hour briefing and coaching. Move to an EQ360 Assessment with input from your colleagues and peers. Invest in one of our signature 6-month or 12-month coaching programs. Join our Empowered Excellence, THRIVE, or Executive Encore remastering life programs.

Empowered Excellence

Empowered Excellence 

Systems and Best Practices for Business Success and Executive Leadership

Customized consulting and coaching programs empowering women business owners and executives to thrive and lead with excellence, respond to challenges, do their best work, and initiate critical systems and best practices.

Uncover what is really important in aligning goals with personal and professional vision. 


Life, Work, Business After Cancer

A program designed specifically for women entrepreneurs and executives returning to work during and after cancer treatment

The THRIVE Plan coaching program bridges programs offered to the general population by moving women executives from coping to thriving and achieving a new level of peak performance and well-being.


Online Courses - Self-Paced

Assessment, Report Debrief, and Coaching