Executive Encore: Women Finding Fulfillment After 60!

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The vision and mission of the THRIVE and Executive Encore video podcast seriesTM is to validate women’s choices and amplify their voices by providing a platform for sharing experiences. The interviews highlight women entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals.

Our audience is interested in hearing about the following topics from women 45+ and men allies and thought-leaders:

Executive Encore: Women Finding Fulfillment After 60!

The Joy of Working After 60: Sharing stories about the joy of working after sixty - plus.

Return to Work and THRIVE After Cancer: Inspiring stories of returning to work and thriving during and after cancer treatment.

The Joyful Entrepreneur:  Inspiring stories about business and what brings joy in building a business and a legacy of "life's work".

Recalibrate, Recover, and THRIVE During and After COVID Restrictions: Inspiring stories about adjusting both personally and professionally to thrive during and after COVID. Return to work. Hybrid and Work At Home. Share your plans for recovery.

Since my very first job, I have carried the vision of making the workplace a great place for everyone, especially women.

In 1992, after a punishing year with a major corporation, I became a female entrepreneur! I founded Maestro Quality Inc

Drawing on personal experience, extensive business experience, and a unique approach blending Quality and Professional Coaching principles with Emotional Intelligence concepts, I choose to work with a select group of women entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals. 

I launched the THRIVE program following my experience with cancer in 2013. In 2018, I expanded the program to give voice to women who continue to contribute through their life's work after 60. The program was launched: Executive Encore: Women Finding Fulfillment After 60!