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"Emotions Drive Performance". Accelerate emotional well-being and resilience. Recognize Self-Sabotage.


Women entrepreneurs and executives thrive with a valuable ally, champion, and advocate to lead with excellence, respond to challenges, do their best work, and initiate critical systems and best practices that support her personal quality leadership.

Uncover what is really important in aligning your personal and professional goals with your personal and professional vision. 

Become very clear around these questions:

  1. What do you envision for yourself personally and professionally?

  2. What is your plan?

  3. What systems and best practices do you have or do you need to support your vision and plan?

  4. How can you do it better, faster, and with more ease? Check out our blog!

  5. Avoid the traps that come with being a high-performer.

Achieve new levels of personal quality and leadership with validation of your choices and ability to amplify your voice.

Choose Assessments that Provide a Foundation for Your Next Move

  • EQi 2.0 - Workplace and Leadership

  • EQ360 - Workplace and Leadership

  • DISC

Also available for your management team members

Choose Signature Programs that Fit Your Specific Needs

  • Executive Encore: Women Finding Fulfillment After 60

  • Return-to-Work Coaching & Advocacy for Workplace Accommodation  

Choose Services that Fit Your Way of Learning

  • Advocacy, Mentoring, Masterminds

  • Group Coaching

  • Online Coaching Programs

  • Online Peer Advisory Community Membership

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