Unveiling Strength at 60+: Perspective and Powerful Words

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I believe that wisdom is one of the most valuable traits a person can possess, and I strive to cultivate it daily. To me, wisdom means having an open mind, being willing to learn from others, and always seeking to expand my understanding of the world around me - my visible world. What I believe to be truth is informed by my interpretation (my perception) and thus, creates my point of view. Exposing myself to meaningful conversations and connections can lead me to examine what I see and what I believe and, in turn, change how I see the world. It truly is magic!

This blog post examines our "inner world" and manifesting action and results in our "visible world" to achieve a fulfilling life after 60. I am excited to explore the power of perspective and words with you as we embark on this journey together.

Questioning Our Beliefs
Let's engage with the concept of perspective. My Executive Encore guest, Christina Beauchemin encouraged us to understand more about how what we think is truth is just our perspective. We often clutch onto certain beliefs, treating them as absolute truths. But is this reality? Or are these beliefs merely perspectives formed by societal norms and our personal experiences?

As Christina shared in our conversation, it's never too late - in fact, this is the best time - to question these beliefs and challenge ourselves to see things from a different angle - a different point of view. Our perspective is not fixed; it can evolve with new knowledge, insights, and wisdom.

Acknowledging The Strength Within
Along with questioning our perspectives, we can shift our focus toward the strength within us. Our bodies change and some of us will face health challenges. But living longer does not diminish our inner strength and resilience. Facing such challenges can often reveal a deeper level of strength that we didn't know we had. We can tap into this strength through self-care practices and living with intention and purpose.

Appreciating the Power of Perspective at 60+
As we age, our perspective on life changes. Our understanding and interpretation (perception) of situations, people, or objects change with the accumulation of knowledge, experience, and wisdom. Our mindset shifts from the rush and hustle of youth to a more measured approach that values our experience and wisdom.

Developing the Superpower of Equanimity and Grace
Instead of being deterred by setbacks, we learn to navigate with patience and persistence. Although living a longer life can bring challenges, like physical changes and health concerns, we can continue to embrace new opportunities for growth and discovery. We can reflect on past experiences and reframe trials and tribulations positively, recognizing how each experience shaped us into who we are today. We develop the superpower to respond to challenges with equanimity and grace.

There are countless examples of individuals who achieved success later in life – from authors who published their first books after 60 to entrepreneurs who launched successful ventures in their post-employment years. Their stories inspire us, reminding us that we can use our newfound perspective to our advantage.

Embracing Powerful Words
Words are powerful! Especially as we live longer, it becomes increasingly important that we choose our words carefully. This is not about censoring our words and suppressing our voices. On the contrary, when we embrace positive language, our thoughts and actions follow suit. This can profoundly impact our relationships, health, and overall well-being.

Make note that when we fall into negative self-talk patterns or use language that diminishes ourselves or others, we perpetuate stereotypes and internalize ageism. Making a conscious shift in our language gives us personal power to cultivate more fulfilling and meaningful relationships and lives. We begin to elevate others and ourselves. Let's start embracing powerful words today and see the transformation it brings.

Infusing Routines with Strength-building Activities for Our Mental and Emotional Well-being
Taking care of our mental and emotional health is as important as our physical health. One way to protect and improve our mental and emotional health is by infusing daily routines with strength-building activities. For instance, engaging in mental exercises, such as crossword or sudoku puzzles, can help keep our minds active and sharp.

Exercises and activities focused on building emotional intelligence, such as deep breathing, mindfulness meditation, and reading fiction, can help regulate our emotions, develop empathy, and improve our overall well-being.

Final Words
How do we incorporate these activities into our daily lives without feeling overwhelmed? Envisioning your "best week" and "best day" and scheduling specific times for these exercises and activities can make a big difference in your mental and emotional health and stave off burnout. To boost your commitment and enthusiasm, try time-blocking. Make it more fun with a habit tracker if you are so inclined. Making self-care a regular part of our weekly and daily routine must be a top priority at every stage of life. This stage of our life can provide the time and flexibility to create our best life - the life we always dreamed would be possible. Investing in ourselves can make it possible.

Next week's blog and newsletter will focus on a holistic approach that addresses spiritual well-being and how it can prevent burnout and other mental health issues. We will explore intentionally designing pauses in our lives to support sustained well-being and growth. Otherwise known as sabbaticals.

Comment below or reach out, I'd love to hear your thoughts and help guide you through your journey. 

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