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Top Ten Travel Tips for People in Midlife

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Seatbelts are buckled, and the whirr and roar of the engines increase steadily as the plane inches forward faster and faster. The anticipation is palpable, adrenaline flows, as speed builds and builds. The cabin shakes slightly, and suddenly, you’re up in the air. The ground begins to dissipate quickly, as cars turn into dots and buildings into mere shells.

What sites, tastes, wonders of sight and sound await, only mere hours away?

The journey has begun.

Traveling is a joy that many love partaking in as it opens up whole new worlds, and exposes our minds to other cultures and environments. And, due to the global pandemic, it is a joy many miss. Many are anxious to return to the skies, but for those in midlife and in later life, there are important considerations to keep in mind before doing so.

Tips to consider for those traveling in midlife

First and foremost during this time of COVID, check with all local, provincial/state or federal COVID travel guidelines. Also check with the airline for their masking rules. Being informed about vaccination requirements and masking will save any headaches down the line (and can help prevent infection).

  1. Get a checkup before traveling. Discuss any medical conditions with your doctor, and make sure they give you the go-ahead for traveling. You’ll need to make sure you have any required vaccines to mitigate against any diseases that are prevalent in certain parts of the world. And, if you’re on any medication, make sure you have enough to take with you on your trip. You don’t want to be caught shorthanded abroad.
  2. Check online for any health risks or considerations in the country you’re traveling to. Some nations have issues with water cleanliness or food borne diseases, or any number of other pronounced public health concerns. Doing your research ahead of time will help inform your eating and drinking habits before arrival.
  3. A simple one: buy enough travel insurance. This is a must, and not a luxury. Medical treatment abroad can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.
  4. Be mindful of the risk of deep-vein thrombosis, or DVT. This potentially deadly condition is caused by excessive sitting during long journeys, usually due to blood clots arising most often in the legs. Get up, walk around, and invest in a pair of compression socks/stockings. This is something to definitely discuss with your doctor too.
  5. Another simple one: if you are on medication, don’t pack them in your luggage. Bring them in your carry-on, in case you need them in flight, and to keep them safe and near you.
  6. Once at your destination, remember to stay hydrated, and don’t consume too much alcohol. Be wary of tap water though: bottled water is your safe go-to.
  7. If your trip involves a lot of walking, trekking, excursions, ensure you have rest time built in to your schedule. You’ll want to pace yourself and not overexert. Consider a package or tour holiday too; that way you’ll know the amount of exercise you’ll be getting, and each day’s itinerary.
  8. Be mindful of your surroundings; this goes for anyone of course, at any age. If you’re vacationing in an area with a high crime rate, stay within the confines of the resort. Be especially wary of traveling at night. And if you do need help of any kind, make sure you know where your embassy or consulate is in the nation you’re in, or those of a friendly nation (e.g. if you’re Canadian, seek out a British embassy if needed).
  9. Be very mindful of your apparel, and also jewellery, phones, cameras, etc. Don’t make yourself an open target to pickpockets or thieves by flashing things around. Watch what you wear; if you “look” like a tourist, you may set yourself up.

Why travel alone when you can do so with friends!

10. And finally, many travel with loved ones, but if you want a get away with a friend instead, try Amintro! Set up an account for free and you can meet likeminded people your age – Amintro is designed specifically for people 50+ – who share your interests and passions. You can develop bonds of friendship and enjoy a trip together to make memories that will last for years to come.

Travel is a pleasure people should enjoy, but, responsibly. Review these tips and any others you may find online to ensure your trip is not only wonderful, but safe. Having peace of mind will go a long way to make sure you enjoy all the sights and sounds around you. Bon voyage!


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Written and contributed by Charlene Nadalin, Founder of Amintro. Amintro is the online social platform and information hub exclusively for those 50+ interested in expanding their circles of friends and staying involved, informed, and connected. Another great thing about Amintro is that it’s FREE and easy to join! To learn more about Amintro, please visit 

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