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Seeing Patterns: Our Attraction and Fears About Life After 60

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For many women after 60, health represents both an attraction and a fear in their pursuit of a fulfilling life. Good health contributes to our ability to enjoy activities we love and take advantage of all life has to offer.

However, our concerns about declining health are compounded by other concerns:

  • financial insecurity further compounded by the fear of health-related financial costs
  • lack of social interaction and new experiences
  • loss of friends and family
  • loss of self-identity
  • potential loneliness and isolation

Fortunately, when we see patterns between our lists of attractions and fears, we can develop new insights about lifestyle changes that can help alleviate many concerns.

Change Dietary Habits

Cooking more food at home can result in improvements in both health and financial well-being. You can save on the rising costs of fast-food meals and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. By making these changes, you can develop self-trust in your ability to maintain good health and protect yourself against the financial costs associated with poor health and spending too much on food.

Compound Habits for Compound Benefits

If your list of fears includes lack of social interaction and new experiences, loss of friends and family, loss of self-identity, and the fear of loneliness and isolation, up your game with opportunities to compound the benefits of changing your dietary habits and cooking more food at home.

  1. Invite friends and family for dinner parties. No need for a big production. Bring back pot-luck dinners as a wonderful way to help everyone maintain a reasonable entertainment budget with the added benefits of healthy food, good company, and fun for all generations.
  2. Encourage new experiences with themes that introduce everyone to new food. New experiences are also good for everyone's mental and emotional health.
  3. No need to wait for a birthday party or other special occasions. Be the one to initiate plans to break bread with friends and family regularly. Create a new self-identity as the CEO (Chief Experience Officer) or have fun with a new title.

Take Initiative and Gain Sense of Control

One source of attraction and fear in the lives of many women over 60 is a sense of control. On one hand, we enjoy more freedom to do what we want when we want. On the other hand, the departure from our views, expectations, and identity that were grounded in our work world can bring feelings of loss or uncertainty.

You can address these issues proactively by developing an action plan for your life after 60. You can take the initiative and gain a sense of control by creating opportunities for fulfillment and ensuring that you have the resources and support you need for successful transitions throughout the years and decades after 60.

Setting goals, such as what to do with newfound free time or how to stay connected with friends and family, can provide structure and direction in life after 60. While it is important to take steps towards financial security by planning for expenses, it's also important to understand that simple changes can add to your overall sense of control and your identity as a capable woman engaged in life. Taking the time to plan ahead can help you develop self-trust, gain peace of mind, and enjoy your life after 60.

Approach the Crossroads with a Plan

The intersection between what we look forward to and what we fear in life after 60 is a complex one. By taking steps to protect our health and develop an action plan for lifestyle changes, women over 60 can take control of their futures and make the most out of this new life stage. With a little bit of planning and proactive thinking, life after 60 can be full of joy and opportunity.

Aging Well is a Matter of Choice

With the right mindset, women over 60 can look forward to a life full of possibility. Understand the intersection of your hopes and fears, and make a plan that works for you. With the right attitude and preparation, life after 60 can be an exciting new beginning!

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