Remastering Life. Embracing Personal and Professional Growth

emotional intelligence - self actualization executive encore Dec 22, 2023

As we embrace the encore phase of life, a time often associated with retirement and retreating from life, it's important to recognize that this is not an end but a new beginning. This phase of life affords us the time and opportunity for growth, exploration, and continued contribution.

This blog post delves into the importance of personal and professional growth during this stage, drawing from the experiences of Linda and Michelle, who generously shared their insights at the beginning of the Executive Encore series on my YouTube channel.

The Value of Sharing Wisdom
The encore phase of life offers a truly rewarding opportunity: sharing accumulated wisdom and experiences. In her interview, Linda spoke with passion about living a well-designed life. She highlighted her joy in guiding young interior designers and tradespeople, utilizing her wealth of knowledge, experience, and success to help them navigate their careers and businesses.

Linda shared how she discovered her passion for a creative career that would evolve alongside her roles and life phases. She was fortunate to have someone recognize her creative talent and ignite her love for design at a young age. Her mother also played a pivotal role in encouraging her to challenge the limitations imposed on women in the 1960s.

At the time of the interview, Linda was approaching a significant milestone as a woman and was eagerly looking forward to embracing her sixties, celebrating her success in interior design, and crafting a well-designed life.

Inspiring Others and Finding Fulfillment
The encore phase also presents an opportunity to inspire others and discover personal fulfillment. Michelle's journey is a testament to this. She already enjoyed fulfillment and success in her multifaceted career but felt compelled to pursue her true purpose. Michelle inspires others to find their passion and live their best lives. Michelle finds immense satisfaction in witnessing her clients grow and succeed, surpassing anything she has experienced personally and professionally. 

Michelle's approach to facing challenges head-on is encapsulated in her mantra, "I'll figure it out." She embraces curiosity when embarking on new endeavours, acknowledging that she may not have all the answers initially but is determined to find them. Michelle shared numerous examples of her unwavering commitment to this mindset. She has become a passionate expert in teaching and expressing unconditional love. Her next ambitious project, spanning a 10-year plan, involves taking her expertise to significant stages worldwide.

Self-Care, Entrepreneurship, and Caregiving
In reviewing seven years of blogs and interviews, it became clear that themes like self-care, entrepreneurship, and caregiving are increasingly relevant in the encore phase. These themes reflect the diverse ways in which individuals choose to find fulfillment in their encore years. For some, like Linda, it's about creating an environment for a well-designed life: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. For others, like Michelle, it's about understanding and developing unconditional love, dedicating time to caregiving, and supporting loved ones to nurture a kinder society.

Validating Choices
Every woman's experience of living and working after 60 is unique, but we can all agree that this third act, coined by Linda, offers the opportunity to redefine our purpose, cultivate our networks, and forge strong bonds as we continue to live longer gracefully.

The Power of the Encore Phase
The encore phase of life is not a period of decline but of growth and new possibilities. As we live longer, we have the potential to adapt and continue to contribute meaningfully to our family, our profession, our community, and society. This is the time to tap into our accumulated wisdom, pursue passions that might have been sidelined during our earlier years, and use our unique skills and experiences in new and fulfilling ways.

In conclusion, the Executive Encore video and podcast channels and the Encore Blog aim to highlight this stage of life and give a voice to women navigating it while validating their choices. By sharing experiences, we hope to inspire and empower more women to embrace personal and professional growth in their encore years.

Remember, the encore stage is about shifting gears not putting on the brakes. It's about choosing your path toward continued growth, fulfillment, and contribution.

Your Next Steps
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