Beyond Age Imposed Limitations

Every Moment Matters: Moving Beyond Age Imposed Limitations

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We are living in a time when our abilities are not longer limited based on the number of birthday candles or a birth date on an official document. Age is a chronological measurement and not a barrier to success and fulfillment. We are living longer and healthier lives, and many people are finding that their later years (later decades) are some of their most productive and fulfilling.

Unfortunately, there is still a prevailing belief in our society that once we reach a "certain age", we are no longer capable of achieving great things. As women who are approaching 60 years and beyond, recognizing the limitations that ageism can impose on us is critical and we must find ways to move beyond them and serve as role models for others.

This blog post explores how we can ensure that ageism does not stop us, why engaging in healthy conversations about aging is important, and how we inspire ourselves and others by making every moment matter when it comes to achieving our goals.

Ageism is clearly connected with the concept of declining abilities based on a number of years we have lived. Ageism is riddled with imposed limitations. While recognizing that ageism is real, we must guard against internalizing ageism which can have a negative impact on our self regard and thereby, limiting our growth and potential. We risk the self-fulfilling prophecy of limiting our growth, development, and potential. We must take responsibility for how we view ourselves and be accountable for the conversations we have about aging in order to address the effects of ageism.

A key to addressing the effects of ageism is to focus on the importance of engagement with life’s opportunities every day; not just when a big milestone approaches or passes by. Whether we are starting a new business venture, furthering our education, or exploring hobbies or passions that make us feel alive, seizing these moments is important to our growth and development no matter what our chronological age.

Ensure That Ageism Does Not Stop Us!

We need to understand the different types of ageism that exist and how they can limit our potential. There is external ageism, which is when others judge us based on our age, and internal ageism, which is when we start to believe that we are no longer capable of certain things due to our age. Recognizing the effects of imposed limitations is crucial to moving forward and focusing on what we want to achieve rather than letting ageism stop us. We should not let anyone, including ourselves, impose limitations that prevent us from pursuing our passions and making our mark on the world.

Engage in Healthy Conversations About Aging

Healthy conversations about aging are crucial to our well-being and success. Talking openly and honestly about the challenges and opportunities that come with any age can help us break down barriers that prevent us from achieving our goals. There is no benefit to shying away from discussing our fears and concerns about getting older. Instead, by facing our fears and concerns, we can gain a better understanding of our own self-imposed limitations and find ways to overcome them.

CAUTION: This does not mean engaging in a pity-party with friends about aches and pains or lamenting about how we used to be able to (fill in the blank). Even in jest, this group behaviour reinforces stereotypes about aging.

Make Every Moment Matter

As we continue to develop and grow beyond 60 years, we need to appreciate that every moment matters. We cannot afford to waste any time or energy on things that do not align with who we are becoming and our pursuit of passions and goals. Focusing on the what matters most to us and making every moment matter inspires us to move forward with diligence and determination. Whether we are starting a new business venture, pursuing a creative passion, or simply spending time with loved ones, every moment counts.

Final Word

As we look forward with anticipation to our future and finding fulfillment, we all need to shift from negative aging beliefs that equate chronological age with limitations and shift to positive aging beliefs that validate and inspire potential. We should not allow external or internal ageism to limit us or stop us from finding fulfillment. By engaging in healthy conversations about aging, we can understand our own self-imposed limitations and find ways to move beyond the barrier. Finally, every moment matters and we must focus our time and energy on what matters most to us. We can achieve great things at any age and make a lasting impact on the world. We then inspire others to be awesome at any age.

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