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The Entrepreneurial Mindset and Serendipity

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Many people might think that success is a matter of luck and timing. The truth is that it takes effort and a certain mindset to be successful.

Having an entrepreneur mindset means being open to opportunity and being willing to take risks in order to reach goals. Serendipity plays an important role, as it can open up doors and creates unexpected successes. The key is to be prepared and act on opportunities when they arise. An eagerness to learn and find fulfillment are also important for successful entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. For the purpose of this post, intrapreneurs (employed within an organization) are included in the overall concept of entrepreneurship.  

Entrepreneurship requires passion, know how, and opportunity. It requires perseverance, strategy and great timing. 

Entrepreneurs use their passion and perseverance for long-term and meaningful goals. This combination is often referred to as "grit". I am not fond of this term as it does not acknowledge the finesse and nuance, the strength of character, and other traits and qualities women bring to work and to our world. In their multiple personal and professional roles, women develop capabilities and capacity to... 

  • Anticipate that obstacles are inevitable and find a way around them.
  • Develop their abilities by finding solutions to setbacks.
  • Build willpower by using it like a muscle—anticipating when they’re vulnerable, avoiding temptations, and preparing contingency plans and coping strategies including emotional intelligence.

Successful women entrepreneurs focus on what they will do, rather than what they won’t do—a tactic that fosters positive intelligence and strong feminine energy. They know that success depends on adapting to challenges and persisting - even when they are ready to wave the white flag or when it's time to graciously step back and allow others to lead. They are open to opportunities in surprising places.

The Power of Serendipity

Women entrepreneurs see what others don’t; they notice the unnoticed and expect the unexpected; they see the gaps and find solutions. Those who are successful turn their observations into opportunities. Some call it serendipity.

As Christian Busch, PhD, writes in The Serendipity Mindset (Riverhead Books, 2020), “[Serendipity] demands a conscious effort to prompt and leverage those moments when apparently unconnected ideas or events come together in front of you to form a new pattern.” To put it simply, they connect the dots.

According to Busch, there are three types of serendipity: Archimedes, Post-it, and Thunderbolt.

  1. Archimedes Serendipity: When a solution to a known problem comes from an unexpected place. This type of serendipity is common for natural entrepreneurs.
  2. Post-it Serendipity: When a solution to a known problem is stumbled upon by exploring a different and/or unrecognized problem. 
  3. Thunderbolt Serendipity: When a solution to an unknown problem presents itself.

Why Is This Important?

As successful entrepreneurs will tell you, no matter how strong your passion or know-how, success depends on being open to opportunity, and being trained to recognize opportunities. Serial-entrepreneurs are consistently seeking and recognizing opportunities. Serendipitous entrepreneurs connect the dots between the small things and life’s bigger problems. 

Often we think that success is good luck or a combination of hard work and dedication. The truth is that serendipity plays a critical role in being able to recognize opportunities and turn them into successful ventures. By learning how to be more open to opportunity, we can learn how to become natural entrepreneurs. Serendipity is like a muscle - it gets stronger with repetition.

Busch writes, “Learn to spot serendipity.” Recognize opportunities in things, places, and with others. Connect the dots, recognize patterns, and look for gaps.

As a coach and an entrepreneur, I notice that one of the biggest hurdles in this process is self-trust. What holds us back from trusting ourselves?

  1. Our need for perfectionism (or fear of failure). When we can accept that failure is better than no attempt, we can let go of limitations and be open to a world of possibilities. 
  2. Our need for or reliance on external validation. When we can accept input, but trust in our own decisions, we build self-trust, banish the imposter-syndrome, and believe in our ideas and our abilities. 
  3. Our lack of self-awareness and clarity. Knowing who we are, what we want, and what makes us unique is crucial for success as a natural entrepreneur. 
  4. Finally, when we focus on the journey rather than outcomes and results, we remain grounded in our values while keeping our eyes on the prize.

Some successful entrepreneurs intuitively cultivate serendipity. They are open to the unexpected, able to proactively lead during times of uncertainty, and understand what is within their control.

Others work on cultivating a serendipitous attitude. They let go of the need to control their outcome and focus on creating a work routine that is in line with their values. 

However serendipity presents itself to you, remember that it's not "luck". Learn to recognize serendipity and act on it. Enlist support and find the resources you need to move forward and excel.

What thoughts and questions do you have about the entrepreneurial mindset and serendipity? Contact me by email.

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