Build Your Own Success Ladder : Live Your Legacy While You Are Alive

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As we navigate our personal and professional lives, we have been exposed to the concept of climbing the "corporate ladder" or the "entrepreneurial ladder" to reach the peak of success. And, the "career success ladder".

We are beginning to note that the corporate ladder and the career ladder do have an endpoint - sometimes your choice; sometimes not. Once you reach the top rung, there is often a sense of emptiness or unfulfillment that sets in. There is also the fear of being pushed off the ladder by others coming up behind us or by societal stereotypes and biases. The entrepreneurial ladder has its own risks of reaching an endpoint with overwork, overwhelm, or simply a waning vision, passion, and drive. This is why it's crucial to shift our mindset towards building our own "success ladder" towards holistic personal and professional fulfillment, free of stereotypes that hold us back, and that supports us in living our legacy while we are alive. The mindset of "living" not "aging".

Enjoying Your Impact While You Are Living

Legacy is typically framed as our impact beyond our lifetime and quite often more valued in financial terms rather than purpose-driven societal impact. What about enjoying our legacy and witnessing our impact while we are alive. How much fun would that be? How much more joyful would we be? How would the experience of witnessing our impact affect our need for self-actualization. In this blog post, we will dive deeper into the concept of building your own success ladder and how you can experience the joy of inspiring dedication and impacting others.

The concept of a success ladder is simple yet profound. It's all about building a ladder that supports your personal and professional growth and empowers you to impact others. When you build your own success ladder, you are not limited by the constraints of corporate culture or the expectations of others. You do need to protect yourself from internalizing stereotypes as you climb. However, you do have full control over the direction and trajectory of your life. You can choose to pursue meaningful work, cultivate a purpose-driven mindset, and pursue your passions. Ultimately, you can have a greater impact on your community and your legacy.

To build your own success ladder, you must begin by shifting your mindset. Instead of focusing solely on external performance metrics, you must focus on personal growth and development. By dedicating yourself to becoming the next best version of yourself, you can create a legacy that you enjoy during your lifetime and lasts well beyond your lifetime. You are probably most adept at setting goals for reaching corporate or business targets. But, let's start with YOU!  Start by setting goals that align with your values and passions. Choose to pursue work that energizes and excites you. Even if it's hard work, you will get more from the experience. Take calculated risks, don't be afraid to fail, and make it exciting. Most importantly, empower others to do the same. Part of our legacy is to share our knowledge, experience, and wisdom with younger women.

This is Your Encore!

An important element of building your own success ladder is the idea of an encore. The word encore means "More!". I envision my encore as drawing the curtains WIDE open and returning to the stage to be visible and to give more to my audience. Choosing to have an encore in your life ensures that you have more of everything you value. As you create more, you make more available to anyone you impact. By embracing an encore mentality, you can write a script for the next and best role in your life, ensuring that you continue to grow and evolve, and contribute value to your world. This dedication to personal and professional growth will inspire others to do the same, ultimately creating a culture of empowerment and impact that is unstoppable. We are not done yet!

Building your own success ladder is not a solo mission - for you or for anyone else. To truly impact others, you must lift them by example and empower them to build their own success ladders and lift others along with them. This means being intentional about your relationships and cultivating a supportive community (your cast members). Surround yourself with people who lift you up, challenge you, and encourage your growth. Similarly, seek out opportunities to empower others. Mentorship, coaching, and collaboration are all powerful tools for creating impact and building a legacy.

By building your own success ladder, you can truly live your legacy while you are alive. You have the power to shape your life and work in a way that is fulfilling and impactful. Choose to pursue meaningful work, cultivate a purpose-driven mindset, and empower others to do the same. Invest in building relationships and seek out opportunities to lift others up. Above all else, be intentional about your growth and never stop thriving into greatness. With the right mindset, you can create an impressive legacy that bring joy now and in the future.

Your encore will be an inspiration for your generation and generations to come! This is what living vs aging looks like.

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