Spiritual Well-being, Power of Sabbatical

Beating Burnout, Embracing Holistic Well-being, and the Game-changing Power of Sabbaticals

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Burnout has become less of an unspoken concern and more of a rallying cry to revitalize our approach to personal and professional well-being. It's a call that resonates deeply with those of us approaching the crossroads of 60, where we no longer desire just a traditional retirement as a reward for years of hard work and insidious workplace stress. We seek an Executive Encore, an engaging and enriching life defined by growth and fulfillment. We are familiar with focusing on financial well-being as a barometer for success after 60. However, this blog explores how a holistic approach to well-being can be transformative, encompassing much more in life to prepare us for the life we dreamt of while working hard. Physical, mental, and spiritual health must be considered to avoid emptiness, purposelessness, and burnout - yes, burnout after 60!

Understanding the Pervasive Nature of Burnout

Our journey today is guided by the insights and experiences of a well-being researcher who, despite dedicating her life to the subject, didn't evade the grasp of burnout. Jessica Grossmeier, a guest on the Executive Encore video podcast, has lived the narrative of overcoming exhaustion, often aggravated in high-stakes environments. Her stories are not just academic theories but living testaments to the impact of workplace stress on our overall health and the critical need for a deep approach to well-being.

Spiritual Well-being as a Balm for Burnout

Jessica extols the virtues of spiritual well-being — a concept incorporating a connection to a greater purpose or power. Statistics and anecdotal evidence suggest that spiritual well-being can be a profound defence against burnout and other mental health struggles. But what exactly is spiritual well-being? Far from religious doctrines, spiritual well-being nurtures a sense of inner peace, equanimity, and purpose that transcends daily pressures.

To embrace this form of well-being, here are simple but profound practices:

  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Cultivating Awe
  • Forgiveness
  • Compassion and acts of kindness
  • Gratitude

Unlocking the Game-changing Power of Sabbaticals: More Than Just Time Off

Moving onto the compelling topic of sabbaticals, often associated with the academic calendar for professors and teachers seeking renewal, Jessica proves that these extended periods of leave are a tool for self-discovery and reinvention for anyone. Sabbaticals are intentional breaks that allow a retreat from daily routine to replenish energy reserves, engage in professional development, and connect with personal passions. It’s a time when the line between work and life can be expertly blurred, allowing new perspectives and skills to blossom.

Jessica’s sabbatical was about exploring untouched passions, devoting undivided time for deep reflection, and igniting passion and purpose. When well-designed and well-structured, sabbaticals can catapult individuals to new heights of personal growth. Jessica advises women considering a sabbatical to approach it with a plan, allowing for both structured activities and unscripted moments of serendipity. It’s not just about the pause but the pivoting that can happen during that pause.

Designing Your Savvy Sabbatical

If the idea of a well-planned retreat from routine entices you, consider this invitation to explore your potential to embrace life differently. Change your pace, your environment, and your objectives. Reflect on what energizes you, set attainable sabbatical goals, and engage with a supportive network or a professional sabbatical coach to guide you through this process and ensure a savvy sabbatical with amazing outcomes.

Create a blueprint for rejuvenation and replenishment. Examine the condition of your heart (thoughts, emotions, and intentions). Assess your existing routines, habits, responsibilities, and connections.

Ensure your sabbatical is designed to realize your full potential, less as a break from work but as an entryway to a redefined, reimagined self. The strategic use of sabbaticals is not just about preventing burnout, changing employment or careers, or regaining energy before returning to the fray; it’s about rekindling the spark of adventure and innovation within each of us.

In Conclusion: A Bold Start to a New Chapter

As we draw the curtain on this exploration into burnout, spiritual well-being, and sabbaticals, we can trust the accumulated wisdom that informs us is no barrier to personal growth and rejuvenation. In embracing the strategic pauses of sabbaticals and nurturing our spiritual well-being, we fortify ourselves against burnout and set the stage for an Executive Encore that is vibrant and fulfilling.

How will you script your Executive Encore? Will it echo the symphony of personal growth and holistic well-being, or will it be the quiet acknowledgment of unfinished work, contribution, and dreams? The power to redefine your narrative is in your hands. Embrace the tools of well-being and embark on this new chapter with intention, equanimity, and grace. After all, life's pauses are as much a part of the melody as its crescendos. Be intentional. Be well. And where your Executive Encore begins, may this be just the overture to the grand symphony of your life. You are the "Maestro". 

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