Planning for Fulfillment After 60

Anticipating Fulfillment After 60 - Analyzing Our Fears and Concerns

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We know that transitioning to a new phase of life is a natural event. We’ve had lots of experience by the time we reach our 60th birthday. We have experienced puberty, our reproductive years, and menopause. I recently heard a woman exclaim that puberty was a walk-in-the-park compared to menopausal-mania. She then wrapped up – with a concerned voice and a few expletives - “what’s next?”.

Although we look forward to what is attractive about the next phase, facing the crossroads of “what’s next?” can be a daunting prospect for women especially as they enter their sixties and come to the realization that the previous decades have gone by so quickly.

As the pandemic brought a different sense of time and uncertainty to our lives, many fears have become more prominent and even more pressing. Although this “what’s next” phase can seem overwhelming and intimidating, there are ways to help ourselves feel more confident and secure in moving forward toward finding fulfillment. Self-awareness is key in reframing fears and feeling empowered to change the narrative.

The first step to making any major change in your life is always awareness. When it comes to matching your identity to the habits you want to form or free yourself from, you’re going to want to start noticing the specifics of how you’re behaving right now so you can change anything that’s not in alignment with where you’re heading. ~  Jen Sincero, Badass Habits

In a previous blog1, I invited you to anticipate fulfillment by analyzing what was attractive about entering this next phase.

In this blog, I invite you to consider some of the most common fears that woman experience as they approach this new phase. Consider what fears take over your narrative. Future blogs will provide insight on how to address these fears.

Here’s the top 6 list of fears and concerns. The first two on this list compete for top billing in every conversation I have had with women over the last two decades and continue to have in coaching conversations about preparing for this next phase of life and finding fulfillment after 60.

  1. Money: Financial insecurity is the biggest financial fear. Many women fear not having enough money to live on – or to maintain a certain standard of living. This is a valid concern, as many women feel that they do not have “enough” saved to cover their expenses for an extended period. Even those who have been diligent about saving, fear that they might outlive their savings or that the increase in cost of living will erode the power of their savings.
  2. Health: The fear that their health will deteriorate affecting their ability to enjoy what they have planned is valid. Many of us have already experienced health challenges. Even the most healthy and vibrant women understand how even simple aches and pains limit our activities and affect joy.
  3. Death: One of the ultimate fears we all share is that we will die before we have accomplished all we have planned. We fear the death of those with whom we have planned to spend time with during this phase. This is a natural fear, as none of us knows how much time we have on this earth. Life is unpredictable and precious.
  4. Loss of Friends and Social Interaction: One of the biggest fears many women share is that they will drift away from their network of friends and social interaction. They fear becoming “invisible”. For many women, their professional network is a big part of their social life. They interact with colleagues and co-workers daily and have developed friends and even close bonds. The shift in our personal and professional network during this phase, can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Read more in the previous blog You Needn’t Be Alone: Facts About Loneliness and Looking After Yourself.2
  5. Boredom: Another common fear is that they will be bored. This is especially true for those who have been active in their work life for many years. They may have spent decades of setting and achieving goals, embracing new challenges, and engaging in work that they love day in and day out. They may not know what to do or how to structure their time in this new phase which can lead to boredom and a sense of lost purpose.
  6. Loss of Status and Identity: For many women in our generation, the status that comes with our title or profession has been hard-earned. Often, our self-identity is defined by our work. Our title and status are a source of pride and esteem, something to hold on to when faced with difficult times - both in and out of the workplace. Hence, the fear that our next phase comes with a loss of status, as well as identity and security, is valid. This new reality has been known to trigger feelings of depression or isolation.

Action is the best antidote for fear. Some fears and concerns can be addressed by developing or regaining a sense of control. What can you control? 

One thing we all know is that if we are not actively engaged in the planning of our life, we are leaving it to chance - we are not in control. Planning can put us in control. Planning for fulfillment after 60 is key to our sense of purpose, security, enjoyment, and self-actualization. Are you ready to plan for fulfillment after 60?3

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 What's On Your List? Analyze Your Fears and Concerns

  • Create your list of fears alongside your list of what you find attractive about the next phase of life. Review both lists for what aspects are a reaction to work. In future blogs, we will explore how to change the narrative of fear and concern to opportunities for taking control, planning action, and finding fulfillment.
  • Read previous and future blogs for enhancing your awareness and taking action to minimize our fears and concerns and addressing stereotypes that undermine our joy.

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